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Kim Kardashian’s long-running hit reality show about to end


Kim Kardashian’s long-running hit reality show about to end Kim Kardashian West pronounced that ‘Keeping Up with Kardashians’ is in its last leg, and the series will conclude in the subsequent year. In a tweet, Kim announced to the world that it was with a heavy heart that the family has finally decided to say goodbye to the show. The show has aired for 14 years and spans across 21 seasons. Keeping up with Kardashians has made global mega-stars of Kim and her husband, sisters, partners, and parents.

Kim further added, “We will recall the brilliant reminiscences all the time and the many, many human beings we met alongside the way.” Kim Kardashian West thanked thousands of businesses and individuals who were involved in the show.

“I am very grateful to everyone who has seen the show and has assisted me and my family over the last 14 years. The show has made us reach the heights of success and I will constantly be beholden to all of you who helped us shape our careers and transform our lives forever.”

Kim Kardashian West, an anonymous socialite prior to the show’s launch, is now one of the most famous women; meanwhile her family is doing well with their respective careers in the field of entertainment and fashion. Her career gained momentum in 2007 after she leaked a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Ray Jay.

The program initially focused on sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé, along with other family members such as Chris Jenner, a.k.a “the manager,” Caitlyn Jenner, Chris’ ex-husband, sisters Kylie and Kendall, and Kourtney’s former partner Scott Disick.

Upon the show’s conclusion, Khloe also tweeted, “I am so grateful, and thank you to everyone who helped us. “I’m very emotional in the meantime to completely express it. My rather emotional message will come soon too. Change is difficult, but sometimes necessary. I love you. I am grateful for the memories!”


6 special benefit of having poha in breakfast


6 special benefit of having poha in breakfast When we are hungry and want something who cooks quickly then poha is the best option. It doesn’t only cook quickly but it is also healthy. Let’s tell the benefits of having poha at breakfast.

Poha gives enough energy

The main benefit of eating poha in breakfast is that it gives plenty of energy only after eating small amounts. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins. It keeps you energetic to start a great day.

Nutrition with taste also

We use many types of vegetables, peanuts and dry fruits in poha. Eating all these together increases the nutritional capacity of poha. So, eating poha is more beneficial for our health.

Keeps your body in shape

Poha is a very low calorie in the diet. People who start their day with poha don’t allow your body to grow fat. The amazing thing is that it fulfils the deficiency of essential nutrients.

Keeps your stomach clean

Poha helps in reducing digestive problems because it is a light food with fibre. It is digested slowly and works to give energy to the body for a long time. It works to clean the whole digestive system including the intestines.

Enhancing oxygen in the body

Poha is a food which is rich in iron. It is also helpful in eliminating the deficiency of haemoglobin in the body. When the required amount of iron is supplied in the body, the flow of blood inside the body goes on smoothly. It increases the amount of oxygen in the body that keeps active.

Beneficial in diabetes

Poha is very beneficial for diabetes patients. They can eat without any thinking. Use less oil while cooking. Ensure that it is full of green vegetables in large quantities.



Kim Kardashian’s long-running hit reality show about to end

Kim Kardashian's long-running hit reality show about to end Kim Kardashian West pronounced that 'Keeping Up with Kardashians' is in its last leg, and...


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